English Alphabet


Learn English Alphabet

Learn English Alphabet letters in a written and pronounced form. Colorful and glittering design of letters makes the app fun and interesting. The English Letters are in both capital and small letters form. You can learn vowels and consonants of English language. The best feature of this app is to teach you the right pronunciation of english letters. “Learn English Alphabet” app teaches to pronounce correctly vowels and consonants of the alphabet. The next and previous buttons lets you to navigate easily. This educational app brings the opportunity for you to learn 26 letters of the alphabet in the amazing and fun way. App have English alphabets with picture and presentation. A..Z comes one by one. Pronunciation of each letter with sounds helps to learn faster and easier to remember the alphabet. Listen sound for each letter and watch picture. This simple educational app also teaches children the alphabet letters to recognize words as they appear. Learn English Alphabet with colorful graphics and sound.

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